Weapon Delivery Planner for Falcon BMS

27 Feb 2015

Weapon Delivery Planner 3.6.6 released


- Fixed, Loading fueltanks on the F-16 adds the fuel amount.
- Changed, Code for stupid theater naming moved to external file.
- Added, if WDP can't find the correct strings.idx, you will get the option to point to the correct file.
- Added, CET theater.
- Changed, Falcon version and location recognition changed to find future releases.


- Changed, When changing an area by selecting a stored area, it is set in both Callsign.ini as Mission.ini.
- Added, Elevation for cursor position.


- Changed, When changing the Dep, Arr or Altn runway you will see the ILS before commiting the runway.
- Fixed, After starting WDP, the DTC values for the weapons are shown on the datacard.
- Changed, if the airport name is empty, you can no longer change the runway. First select an airport.
- Fixed, Clicking on the takeoff setting, the pitch and power boxes have the current value.
- Added, Target elevation added to Primairy and Secondairy coordinates.


- Changed, Radio/Nav tab. Changing the airport in the selection screen will show you the data before selecting.
- Added, Radio/Nav tab airport elevation from terrain and DB are compared.
- Added, Line STPTs can be change by inserting coordinates.
- Changed, When changing an area by selecting a stored area, it is set in both Callsign.ini as Mission.ini.
- Changed, PPT.ini management moved to seperate tab.
- Added, Targetlist, target information now contains the target elevation.
- Fixed, Problems showing airports for theaters created by Falcon Online.
- Fixed, Included switches in DTC file.

Go to the downloadpage to check it out.


Mission Commander for Falcon BMS

24 Sep 2014

Mission Commander BETA 0.4.1 released


- Added, New feuture to convert missions from older version to current version.


- Added, Option to change the objective Owner.
- Added, Option to delete a objective (only if the mission loaded is a scenario).
- Fixed, showing missing Road objectives (Geo, Intersection).


- Added, Little Camp map. You can color the map and the teams get set.
- Changed, PlayerSquad is now a selectable combobox.


- Added, "Delete Team" function.
- Added, Reading of the default priority files. Used when adding a new team.
- Added, "Add new team" function.
- Added, Team Bonus/Priortity.
- Added, Team Action.
- Added, AirTaskManager (read only).
- Added, GroundTaskManager (read only).
- Added, NavalTaskManager (read only).


- Fixed, When importing units, the SquadronInfoTable is rebuild.
- Fixed, When adding a Battalion, the type was not set correctly.
- Fixed, When a new package was created, the unitflags where not set correctly.
- Added, New function, Clone Package. Right click on a package and click "Clone Package".
- Added, For packages you will now see "Package" and the main role of the package. "Package - Strike".


- Changed, better advanced options.
- Fixed, Move squadron map.
- Changed, If a sq stores is more that max, it will not be changed to max automatically.
Instead you will see an exclamation mark. Click it for more info.


- Added, Flight T/O time, TOT and Station time.
- Added, First start of the "advanced options". Flags can be changed.


- Changed, better advanced options.
- Added, In the Add Taskforce screen you will now see the icon.


- Added, Reset Objectives function. Sets various values for all objectives to zero.
- Added, Delete all objectives.

Go to the downloadpage to check it out.


AIC for Falcon

19 june 2012

AIC Version 6.0 released!

Some additions, improvements and fixes were made.
Go to the downloadpage to check it out.

Additions and improvements

- UHF panel "OFF" function works.
- You can control the channel, frequencies and all other functions with joystick buttons.
- Then channel will be synchronized with BMS so you can use this function.
- The brightness of the digits can be set as you like.
- Test Display function workes.
- Status function workes.
- Difference between MNL, PRESET and Guard.