Weapon Delivery Planner for Falcon BMS

08 May 2015

Weapon Delivery Planner 3.6.8 released


- Fixed, Changing the falcon location, the location of the database is updated.


- Fixed, Searching for package always selecting last pacakge.


- Added, Weather briefing to the Briefing part. Still a bit WIP.
- Changed, some improvements to the ATIS.
- Changed, When switching to the datacard, the little map is re-drawn.


- Fixed, Weapon burst altitude loading of values smaller than 1000'
- Added, extra check for bad number in DTC for HUD color.
- Fixed, Crash when you have STPTs in your callsign.ini for threater X and changing to theater Y.

Go to the downloadpage to check it out.


Mission Commander for Falcon BMS

25 Mrt 2015

Mission Commander BETA 0.4.3 released


- Fixed, Shift in reading the strings.

Objective Deltas

- Added, Color to the country name.


- Fixed, crash when deleting a team while it has objectives.


- Fixed, names and callsign shift.

Mission Commander BETA 0.4.2 released


- Added, First part of PAKmap.
- Changed, Longtitude coordinates keep the leading zero.


- Changed, Saving the map will save what you see on the screen, including icons and names.
- Added, Grid line option added to Height map.
- Added, For the terrain map added roads.
- Added, Battalion and Brigade orders are show if you move the mouse over them.
- Added, Elevation data of cursor position.
- Added, Creation of Airport chart. Right click on an objective, select "Create Chart".
- Added, Creation of Low Level terrain chart. Right click anywhere on the map (NOT an objective), select "Create LowLevel".
- Added, Creation of Height Map.
- Added, Feature "Add link" to Objective. Right click on Obj-A, select "add Link". Than right click on Obj-B and select "add Link".
- Added, Show all Links on map added.
- Changed, Color of the links changed to orange.
- Added, Objective and unit selections are remembered when closing MC.
- Added, Priority slider for Objectives.
- Added, Progress bar at the bottom to show longer tasks progress.
- Added, Find feature. You can quickly find Objectives and Units on the map.


- Changed, When using the Calculate radars feature, the Emitting flag is set.
- Added, Advanced Options. All features that are only needed for theater builders are moved here.
- Added, Calculate Radars. This feature will re-calculate the radar metrics, depending on the terrain around the radar.
- Added, Re-Calculate Links. First step, only using distance to calculate the cost.
- Changed, Renumber of objectives start at ID and CampId 1.
- Added, Reset Parents.
- Added, Sort the objective list by moving them up/down in the list.
- Added, Feature to re-number the objectives. All IDs and CampIds will be re-assigned, starting from nr5 onwards.
- Added, Create Links Feature.


- Added, Package Adv option, you can change the package name. In BMS4.32 UI you see the CampId!
- Added, Large size occupation map.
- Changed, When using time shift for the whole mission/campaign, the Flight TOT is shifted. Also the Team Action times are shifted.
- Changed, "Don't paint water" function OFF will now set the owner of the water.


- Added, Feature in Advanced Unit Functions "Place Squadron at closest airbase".
- Changed, Improved adding a Brigade. You can directly set the battalions.
- Added, Adding Brigades, you can also set the Orders.
- Added. Adding Brigades, you can store/load which battalions a brigade has.
- Changed, Add Battalions shows battalion type. (AAA, HQ, ARMORED).
- Fixed, Waypoint flags.


- Fixed, Drawing route on correct location for larger resolution maps.


- Added, Strings sorting function. A scenario file must be loaded for this to work. (te_new.tac or
Changing the order of the strings will also change the Objectives NameId for the loaded scenario file.
After saving the strings, the loaded scenario is automatically saved.
Make sure you syncronize the corresponding te_new.tac and

Go to the downloadpage to check it out.


AIC for Falcon

19 june 2012

AIC Version 6.0 released!

Some additions, improvements and fixes were made.
Go to the downloadpage to check it out.

Additions and improvements

- UHF panel "OFF" function works.
- You can control the channel, frequencies and all other functions with joystick buttons.
- Then channel will be synchronized with BMS so you can use this function.
- The brightness of the digits can be set as you like.
- Test Display function workes.
- Status function workes.
- Difference between MNL, PRESET and Guard.