About Weapon Delivery Planner

Although BMS can handle a lot of through the in-game user interface, there are a number of shortcomings with using that as a mission planning tool. WDP is an alternative tool to do a more complete job of this planning in a very short time.

In WDP you can download the missiondata out of Falcon. After editing and setting up your mission planning you can upload it into your DTC in Falcon BMS. Features (check below) are automatically calculated on the basis of your mission file (.tac), loadout, aircraftype etc.

Read the article about using WDP and using your DTC so you can get an impression how WDP can help you plan your missions.

Features in the current version of WDP:

  • Multiple theatres support
    • Aegean theatre
    • Balkans theatre
    • Central Europe theatre
    • Middle East theatre
    • Korea theatre
    • Nevada theatre
    • Israel theatre
Multiple Falcon Theatres
  • Datacard management
    • shows all relevant data for the flight. Easy to share or print
  • Coordinationcard
    • shows all relevant data for the Package. Quick reference for managing your Package.
  • Performance
    • Airport information including airport chart
    • Optimal climbspeeds (AB or MIL climb) and time to planned altitude
    • Cruisepeeds, cruise ceiling, optimal cruise alt, service ceiling
Performance including AB maps
  • DTC management
    • Save your settings and reload them with one click for different missions
    • Share the datacards with squadronmates and one click upload to the DTC in Falcon.
    • Steerpoints: Manage steerpoints and lines
    • EWS: Manage and save your chaff and Flare settings including bingo, timing etc
    • MFD: Set you MFDs so once you jump into your pit they are ready for the specific mission
    • Radio/Nav: Set your frequencies. Presets will be in the pit after DTC loading
    • Nav offsets: Set your nav offsetpoints for your attackprofile
    • Systems: Set your systems like HUD, Vieuwsettings, ALOW, gunsettings, MasterARM
    • Weapons: Set your AA and AG weapons. Timing delay, fuses, autopower etc
EWS settings and more
  • Map management
    • Change mapsettings and display the lines on your HSD in Falcon
    • Have WDP set relevant Pre Planned Threats (PPT) automatically
    • Reset Bulls Eye
    • Tanker tracks automatically added
    • Make or edit lines
Map management
  • Attackprofiles
    • Plan your strike method, choose strikeprofiles and save to DTC
    • Popup attack
    • High Altitude Dive Bombing (HADB)
    • TOSS attack
Plan your attack
  • Threat and Munitions database
    • WDP comes with a full database on threats and munitions for quick reference
    • Extensive information on threats like SAM Systems, SAM missiles and radars
    • Including threat RWR warning sounds and RWR symbol
    • Munition information and calculation of MRA and time to impact for optimal munition choice
Munition calculation