Aircore & Interface Controller Software

AIC software

AIC hardware for pitbuilders is developed as a collaboration between (white) Eagle and Falcas.
Falcas designed and programmed the software that makes AIC plug and play.
You can run all the gauges, indicators and lights with AIC software.

You can download the software on the download page.

You can check out the website of Eagle for more information on the hardware.


AIC software drives the following hardware:


  • All lights, magneto switches and Airbrake
    • AIC runs all lights with an easy to use interface
    • Connect your magnetoswitches. They will behave correct after selection.
    • Airbrakeindicator
  • Center console
    • Fuel Flow
    • Engine gauges
    • Z-10 DED

  • Left auxilliary console
    • CMDS indicators

    Fuelflow and engine gauge AIC

Center Console AIC gauges

  • Right auxilliary console
    • Compass
    • Fuel Quantity Indicator
    • Hydraulic Pressure A and B
    • EPU fuel
    • Cabin Pressure
    • Caution Panel

    Compass and Fuel Quantity Indicator AIC

Right auxilliary console
  • Left Console
    • UHF panel indication
    • Trim gauges
    • Backup TACAN indication

    Backup TACAN AIC

UHF panel AIC